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Properly Storing Your Clothes

Properly Storing Your Clothes Fall has officially arrived and it’s time to pack away all of those Spring and Summer clothes. Many of you may have never thought of doing this in the past and that is true for me too. However, for anyone with growing children, like myself, there are growth spurts which can […]

What it’s Like to Have a Laundry Service!

What it’s Like to Have a Laundry Service! A new customer in Maplewood just started using our laundry wash and fold service this week.  She is going back to work, has a mountain of laundry piled up in her house, and she knows she needs a little help.  She found us with a Google Search, […]

Light Medical Laundry Service

Unlike the big linen services, our laundry service is designed to serve the needs of small to medium sized businesses including light medical practices.  We do not require long-term, exclusive contracts and we don’t have fine print in our agreements that will “nickel and dime” you with lots of add-on fees and penalties.  We calculate […]

The Personality of Our Brand

A few years back at a Real Diaper convention, I had the pleasure of attending a seminar by the then owner of Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Detergent Kim Webb.   Her presentation was all about the personality of your brand and how your brand or business represents a personality.  The identity of your brand may be […]

Why Simply Clean Laundry

Thanks for tuning in again for another installment of our blog where I try to explain what we do and what drives us as small business owners.  Last time I talked a little bit about who Simply Clean is, but in this blog, I want to explain a little more of the thought process behind […]

Prefolds or AIO’s…Which Should I Choose?

It’s no wonder that when new parents first come to us for diaper service, they ask a LOT of questions. How does the service work? How much will it cost? How many diapers will I need? Should I rent or buy diapers? Which kind of diapers are best? Well, the only way to begin answering […]

Every Day is Earth Day!

To us, every day is Earth Day. We chose to work in the cloth diaper laundering business after learning about the environmental benefits of cloth diapering our own babies. Knowing that we now help keep hundreds of thousands of disposa ble diapers out of landfills each year makes us sleep better at night because we […]

Simply Clean Diaper Service Offers Newborn Special – Press Release

Simply Clean Diaper Service Offers Newborn Special New parents can enjoy six weeks of cloth diaper laundering for less. Saint Louis, MO – Feb. 8, 2016 – Simply Clean Diaper Service, a St. Louis-based diaper delivery service, is now offering a deep discount on the first six weeks of newborn cloth diaper laundering service. For […]

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