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Commercial laundry Services

Residential Wash & Fold


Commercial Laundry

  • Include gowns, sheets, towels, blankets, massage therapist items, rags, mops, etc.
  • 25 pound minimum
  • Call for spacific quote based on type and volume

Towel Services

  • Black or white towels. Perfect for fitness studios, salons etc.
  • 100 towels per week starting at $25. Volume pricing available.

Lab coats & table cloths

  • Lab Coats are pre-treated, washed and dried then inspected and ignored as needed. Then they are hung up and covered in plastic. Prices starts at $4 per lab coat.
  • Tablecloths are pre-treated, washed and pulled straight from the dryer.From there, they are either folded and wrapped, or hung up and covered in plastic. Prices starts at $5 per tablecloth.


Wash & Fold

  • 2 day wash & fold service
  • 20 pound minimum
  • Household laundry including towels and sheets are washed, dried, folded and double bagged to ensure privacy and cleanliness of your items.

Comforters & blankets

  • All sizes $15 each
  • $30 minimum per pickup and put into clear plastic bags.
  • Wash, dry, folded & put into clear place


Cloth Diaper Service Pricing

Service Description Weekly Prices
Prefold Service Prefold Diapers come in sets of ten.  Price varies based on number of diapers.  
There is no limit to the amount of diapers you can receive weekly.
Prefolds Price
40 $19.00
60 $21.00
80 $22.00
100 $23.00
120 $25.00
140 $27.00
All-in-one Hybrid Service With this service you get amixture of All-in-Ones and Prefolds.
All-in-ones Prefolds Price
30 30 $30.00
30 40 $31.00
30 50 $32.00
All-in-one Service Complete All-in-One Service.You get 60 bumGenius Freetime All-in-Ones per week.
All-in-ones Price
60 $42.00


Wraps for Life – Wrap Rental For a one time fee, you receive 7 wrapsonloanin each size as your child needs them.  $79.00 One time fee
Wipes Rental Rent reusable cloth wipes in sets of 40.
Usethem as you normally would and throw them right in the pail.
Quantity Price
40 $2.50
60 $3.75
80 $5.00
100 $6.00
120 $7.00
Doublers  Doublers are great for extra absorbencyfor heavy wetters or for nap and nighttime.
Quantity Price
10 $3.00
20 $5.00
30 $7.00
Hemp Inserts  For those super soakers out there, we suggest hemp inserts for overnight protection.
Super thin and super absorbent.
Quantity Price
10 $5.00
20 $10.00
30 $15.00

For prices on quantities not shown above call 314-782-2476 or email us at

Prepayment Options – A Great Way to Save a Little Money

We offer discounted rates for our prepay service on our prefold service, wipe rental, and doublers rental. Pay for 12 weeks of service and get the 13th for free or pay for 24 weeks of service and get the 25, 26, and 27th week free. To take advantage of the prepay service, contact us today and we will send you an invoice. 

If you decide to end service prior to reaching your free weeks, those credits will not apply and will have no monetary value. You are only allowed to prepay for the current month going forward, meaning that past due invoices are not eligible and must be paid first. Then you can prepay for 12 or 24 weeks of service.

Refer a friend!

Another way to save on your service is to refer a friend. If you refer a friend and they use the service for 4 weeks, you will be credited $50 towards service or goods.