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Commercial Laundry

Residential Wash & Fold

Cloth Diaper Service

Starting at $1.25/lb

Commercial Laundry

  • Gowns, sheets, towels, blankets, massage therapist items, rags, mops, etc.
  • $30 minimum per pickup
  • Call for specific quote based on type and volume.

Towel Services

  • Black or white towels. Perfect for fitness studios, salons, etc.
  • 100 towels per week starting at $25. Volume pricing available.

Lab coats & Tablecloths

  • Lab Coats are pre-treated, washed, dried, and then inspected. Then they are hung up and covered in plastic.
  • Prices starts at $4 per lab coat. Volume pricing available.
  • Tablecloths are pre-treated, washed and pulled straight from the dryer.From there, they are either folded and wrapped, or hung up and covered in plastic.
  • Prices starts at $5.00 per tablecloth.
  • Volume pricing available.  Call for more details.


Residential Wash & Fold Service 

  • 2 day wash & fold service including pickup and dropoff.
  • High quality name brand detergents and dryer sheets used.
  • No additional add on fees.
  • $34 minimum per pickup.
  • Household laundry including towels and sheets are washed, dried, folded and double bagged to ensure privacy and cleanliness of your items.

Comforters & blankets

  • All sizes $15 each
  • $30 minimum per pickup.
  • Wash, dry, folded & put into bags.

Starting at $25/week

Prefold Cloth Diaper Service

All in One Hybrid Service

  • 30 AIO’s and 30 Prefolds – $40.00/week

All in One Service

  • 80 newborn AIO’s – $49.00/week
  • 40 newborn AIO’s – $39.00/week
  • 60 one size AIO’s – $45.00/week
  • 30 one size AIO’s – $35.00/week


  • Up to 80 wipes – $5.00/week

Hemp Inserts

  • Up to 10 Inserts- $5.00/week

Diaper Cover Rental

  • 7 Covers on loan $2.50/ week

Deep Cleaning of Diapers

  • Up to 100 pieces deep cleaned – $35.00
  • 100+ pieces – call for pricing


For prices on quantities not shown above call 314-455-8580 or email us at

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