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About Us

Simply Clean Laundry Service is family owned and operated

Simply Clean Laundry Service is proud to be family owned and operated. Kathy and Mark were born and raised in St. Louis and currently reside near the Westport area. And before you ask, Kathy grew up in Crestwood and went to Ursuline Academy and Mark grew up in St. Peters and went to Francis Howell. We have three children and enjoy spending lots of time outdoors.

In 2006, after the birth of our first child, we acquired Baby Care Diaper Service so that we could offer families healthy, simple, convenient, and affordable cloth diapering solutions. Since then, we have washed and delivered over 2 million cloth diapers to families all around St. Louis. Cloth diapers are something we are very passionate about and we enjoy educating others of their benefits.

In 2011, our business expanded to include Simply Clean Laundry Service of St. Louis and have had the pleasure of working with many locally owned companies. We love the work we do and we love the interactions we have with all of our customers. We enjoy learning about their businesses, their families, and their goals.

We have many years of practical experience with both Eco-friendly and traditional laundry options for commercial and residential customers and we would be happy to talk to you more about your needs. Contact us for more information and we’ll schedule a time to meet.

Meet the Team

Simply Clean Diaper is almost completely family-owned and operated.

Ken aka “our driver”. Ken is Mark’s Father, and has been with us since the beginning. Starting in 2006, we asked if he would mind doing a short 1-2 hour route for us once a week. Well that has turned into 2+ days of deliveries and over 120 stops. Believe it or not, but Ken loves delivering diapers and it might sound like an easy task, but keeping order in that van when it’s filled to the top takes talent. Plus being confined with those dirty diapers in the summer can be brutal.

Christi runs our laundry facility. She started with us in 2012 when Meagan went back to school. She is a good friend of the family and when we mentioned that we needed someone, she was ready to jump in and help. She is a cloth diapering mamma herself so she has great knowledge of the cloth systems out there. She is responsible for all of the dirty diaper sorting, washing, and packing and does a great job.

Jeanette is our early riser and comes in bright and early 5 days a week to get the machines going.  She has a lot of experience in the laundry area and her quick hands make her a very valuable asset.

Teresa is our Illinois Connection. When we expanded our service area in 2011 to include Illinois, we wanted to find a driver that knew the area and was a cloth believer and Teresa was both of those. She cloth diapered her two daughters and was happy to help with the cause so she became our Illinois driver.  Since then, we have been keeping her more and more busy.

Elaine is Mark’s mom, and as we continue to grow, we needed just a little extra help so Elaine stepped in. There are a bunch of little things she does to help us like finishing up the washing and sorting as well as cleaning pails and running extra loads. She is a great addition to our team.

Caitlyn, Norah, and Ryan are our Product Testers. Over the years, these kids have tried every different wrap, insert, AIO, detergent, wet bag, etc to help us be able to offer you great products. You’ll also see their faces on a lot of our early postcards and website pictures.

Alumni Workers:

Over the years, we have had help from several people including:

Maureen – Kathy’s Mom was our diaper folder and packer for many Friday’s. She still might hold the title for faster packer.

Mary – Kathy’s sister helped us out a lot during the winter months during her breaks in fighting forest fires. We still try to put her to work when she’s in town.

Joanne – She was the first non-family member allowed into the circle. She was key in helping setup the new laundry facility in 2011.

Meagan – She is our niece and she joined us a couple years ago working just a few hours a week. That turned into 20+ hours and running the laundry facility. She finished college in 2016 but I’m sure she will always remember the days at Simply Clean.