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Optimize Your Business Operations with Commercial Laundry Services

Tired of unreliable commercial laundry cleaning services, or dealing with it on your own? Running a successful business requires your undivided attention. Let us focus on the laundry details; cleanliness and presentation of your linens will directly impact your brand image and customer satisfaction. At Simply Clean Laundry Services in St. Louis, we recognize that maintaining pristine linens and uniforms is a constant challenge for businesses across various industries such as hospitality, healthcare, salons, and fitness centers. Our dedicated commercial laundry services are here to ensure that your textiles always meet the highest standards of hygiene and presentation.

Here are some of the business customers that we serve every week


Our service portfolio covers an extensive range of business needs:

  • Linens and Gowns: Tailored services for medical facilities and event planners, ensuring items are always spotless and presentable.
  • Sheets and Towels: Essential for maintaining the reputation of hotels, spas, and wellness practices with impeccably clean and fresh linens.
  • Blankets and Specialty Items: Custom solutions for wellness centers and physical therapy clinics, focusing on hygiene and client comfort.
  • Rags and Mops: Critical for keeping your operation pristine, we manage these items with special care to support your business’s cleanliness standards.


Whether you need plush black or white towels for your salon, gym, or fitness studio, Simply Clean offers a towel service that simplifies your operations. We provide high-quality, pre-washed hand and bath towels, ensuring they are ready to use upon delivery. This service guarantees a continuous supply of fresh towels, enhancing your clients’ experience and easing your staff’s workload.

Lab Coats and Tablecloths / Napkins

  • Lab Coats: Our meticulous cleaning process includes pre-treatment, washing, and drying, followed by careful packaging to maintain sterility and readiness.
  • Tablecloths and Napkins: We ensure these items are presentation-ready, whether you prefer them crisply folded and bagged or hung and covered in plastic. This attention to detail extends to dining linens, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Why Partner with Simply Clean?

  • Local Expertise: As a St. Louis-based provider, we deeply understand local business environments and tailor our services to meet your specific demands.
  • Transparent Pricing: We offer competitive rates with no hidden fees, providing great value and straightforward billing. Receive a custom quote free of charge to fit your business needs.

We are the Commercial Laundry Industry Standard

We have been providing commercial laundry service since 2006 and we deliver value by giving you hassle free and consistent quality service.  You started your business to pursue your passion and offer value to your community…not to do the laundry. And yet, you find yourself spending time you don’t have washing towels, blankets, etc.


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