Custom Commercial Laundry Solutions

Custom Commercial Laundry Solutions

Simply Clean Laundry Service offers custom commercial laundry solutions for businesses in the St. Louis area. If you have a commercial laundry job that needs a custom solution or formula, Simply Clean Laundry Service is the answer. Our commercial state of the art washers and dryers are fully programmable to match your laundry needs. We are not limited to the pre-programmed formulas so let our on-site Chemist design a commercial formula to meet your washing needs and fold your items exactly as you need them.

Custom Laundry Formulas

Let us know what custom solution you need and let us show you the capability of our washers and dryers and what sets us apart from our competitors. If you need more up front rinses for really dirty items, certain temperatures for different cycles, longer soak times, less or more water in a cycle, special detergents, certain spin velocities, etc, we can do that with our commercial machines. We also have high efficiency commercial hot water heaters that are 95%+ efficient and can deliver water up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure complete sanitization. Simply Clean Commercial Laundry Service has seen a lot of different types of laundry with various soil levels, and with Mark’s Chemistry degree and 15+ years of laundry washing experience, he can walk you through how the different variations can help you get the clean laundry you need.

Custom Dryer Programming

Not only are our washers programmable, so are our dryers. Most places may have low, medium, and high settings, but our machines are fully digital and our dryers can dry at any temperature up to 180 degrees. We also have the ability to add a cool down time which reduces the temperature to help reduce wrinkles and we can also set our dryers to reverse during drying and that helps keep larger items like blankets and tablecloths from balling up and wrinkling. We can also dry based on time alone or our machines can dry based on moisture sensitivity. This means that once the dryer senses that the items are dry, it shuts off and alerts us. This prevents over drying so commercial linen looks new longer and no energy is wasted.

Special Detergents and Cleaning Chemicals

Simply Clean Laundry uses the best detergents around and we have access to the best custom commercial laundry chemicals from our soap distributor. Besides normal household and basic commercial detergents, we have access to special cleaning chemicals to help give customers exactly what they need without over washing it. We have chemicals that can increase pH which is sometimes helpful to open the fiber of linen for a better wash. We also use oxygen bleach in some situations to help preserve delicate laundry that needs whitening. And we have several chemicals we use to help whiten linen when bleach just isn’t enough. Many customers, such as Country Clubs, Large Medical Practices & Hospitals, and Hotels, have us wash the items that can’t get clean and we have a high success rate with their items so we know how to get laundry clean.

Custom Folding Solutions

Simply Clean sets up a profile for each of our commercial customers that details wash, dry, and folding instructions. We have predetermined ways that we fold basic laundry and linen but we are able to accommodate special requests. For example, many of our cleaning companies prefer that their microfiber is separated by color because of how they use them or specific quantities in each stack, and we are happy to do that for them. We also have customers that ask us to fold a towel a certain way to fit on certain shelves in their business so we can do that as well.

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