Laundry Service – Part 4 – How are My Clothes Packaged

Laundry Service – Part 4 – How are My Clothes Packaged

In an effort to give customers a complete guide to how our residential laundry service works, we wanted to write up a series of blogs explaining the different steps from signing up to the packaging of your clothes and finally the delivery.  In the first three blogs, we told you about how to sign up, what to expect with your first pickup, and how your clothes are handled and washed.  For this fourth installment, we explain how your clothes are packaged before delivery.  If you’re interested in reading any of the first 3 parts of this series, please check out our Blog page.  

Once your clothes are picked up, washed, dried, and folded, they are ready to be packaged for delivery.  We take a lot of pride in our packaging and we package everything tightly so that the clothing arrives to you in the best folded condition.  We also make sure clothing is protected to withstand normal weather conditions and we make sure your personals are kept private by never sending clothing items in clear see through bags.  

Creating the perfect packaging all starts while we are folding your clothes.  When folding your clothes, we do our best to keep items separated by adult and child, and we even try to differentiate the kids’ clothes the best we can based on size.  We also keep all linen and towels separate as well.  This helps because the laundry is easier for you to put away, but it also helps us because we like to package clothing from largest to smallest and this usually relates to the different members of your family.  

Once everything is separated and folded, we start packing your clothes.  We use rectangular bottomed bags that allow us to create 2 or 3 stacks of clothing without them falling over.  A normal type bag (star bottom) would cause the items to lean into each and not create a good base for stacking.  So we start with the larger items which might be bath towels or pants and we stack up from there.  We use a pyramid type approach keeping a straight line in the center and packing everything against that center line from largest to smallest.   We also use some tricks to make sure the stacks stay straight like twisting pants and shorts after every few pairs so that the waistbands don’t create an uneven stack or folding in the hoods of your hoodies to create a nice uniform fold.  This creates not only a visually appealing bag of clothing but it’s also best for minimizing wrinkling during transport.  Lastly, we put all socks and underwear in a smaller plastic bag that is then placed on top of your folded laundry to keep those items separate and easy to find.  We work hard on our packaging because we want to make sure that you get your clothing back folded just as great as it was by our expert folders.  

Once everything is stacked neatly in the plastic bag(s), they are tied up tight to prevent “spilling” of the laundry and then if you are a regular customer, that bag is placed into a blue reusable nylon/canvas bag to keep your items protected and private.  If you are just trying us out, or use us rarely, we may use a dark brown plastic bag to pack all your items in that also keeps your items protected and private.  Then the reusable tag or a new tag is put on your bag that displays your name and washing preferences.  And finally, the bag is weighed and placed on our out going residential shelves and ready for the driver to deliver it back.  

Simply Clean Laundry Service is dedicated to making your life easier by providing pick up laundry service in the St. Louis area. Give yourself one less thing to worry about and try our residential wash and fold service that includes pick up and delivery. We have been in the laundry business for more than 12 years and would love to earn your business.  Give us a call at 314-782-2476 today to learn more. 

Mark Huntebrinker
Owner, Simply Clean Laundry Service