Cleaning Your Comforters, Blankets, and Bedding

Cleaning Your Comforters, Blankets, and Bedding

We see comforters, blankets, and bedding come in through the laundry service during all seasons of the year but especially in the spring after the winter season and in the late summer before fall starts to set in.  But to be honest, doesn’t it always feel good to have clean, fresh linens?  We can help you with that.

So why does it make sense to use a laundry service for your bedding items?  

Well it’s pretty simple.  With our large capacity washers and dryers, we can make sure your items are properly washed and dried and you never have to make that dreaded trip to the local laundromat because we pickup and deliver right to your door.  Small capacity home equipment can leave soap residue in your comforter, which can cause irritation/rashes and shorten the lifespan of your linen.  We use large machines and all of our cycles have an extra rinse at the end to ensure all soap is washed away.  Also, our large dryers make sure the comforters have proper airflow and are thoroughly dried.  Smaller dryers take a lot longer to dry since there may not be enough room in the dryer for proper airflow and many times the outside of your comforter will be dry and hot but the inside is still holding some moisture.  Having your comforters and blankets completely dry before using them or storing them is essential. 

We make laundry easy!

  1. Sign up either via phone 314-782-2476 or through our website online ordering tool.
  2. We pick everything up from your home or business.
  3. We pretreat any stains. Just let us know where to look.
  4. We wash, dry, fold, and bag your items.
  5. We return your items just 48 hours later.If you need your bedding or comforters washed, just let us know.  We’re always happy to help.

Mark Huntebrinker
Owner, Simply Clean Laundry Service