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What it’s Like to Have a Laundry Service!

What it’s Like to Have a Laundry Service!

A new customer in Maplewood just started using our laundry wash and fold service this week.  She is going back to work, has a mountain of laundry piled up in her house, and she knows she needs a little help.  She found us with a Google Search, and one of our routes goes right past her house.  From now on, here’s how she will get her laundry done:


1. She fills our laundry bag with dirty clothes, towels, and sheets.

2. She puts the laundry bag on her front step on Tuesday mornings.

3. She takes her laundry back inside her house on Thursday. She is done with laundry.

4. She pats herself on the back for being smart enough to outsource her former biggest pain… Laundry.

We’ve Moved… On to Bigger and Better Things

We are so excited to announce that we have moved locations. We’ve been busy these last few months as we’ve moved into our new location in Overland Missouri. We started about 11 years ago in 2006, where we originally ran the business out of our home in a 400 square foot room and outsourced the washing to a local linen service. Then we realized that we wanted to take over the washing, so in 2011, we started renting a place in Maryland Heights which was about 1500 square feet. We called that facility home for about seven years and it watched us grow from just a diaper service to a full fledge laundry service that included commercial and residential washing. In August of 2017 we decided that we needed more space and the perfect opportunity came our way to purchase our very own building in Overland near Page and Ashby. This space takes us from about 1500 sf to over 4200 sf. We finally have the space to park our vans inside again and not have to worry about braving the heat and cold to load and unload vans. It also means that we expanded from our original 2 washer setup to 5 washers and eliminated the bottleneck we had for washing capacity.

We ran our first load of laundry shortly after Halloween, 2017 and haven’t looked back. The added washer, dryers, and space have been amazing. We have also added multiple residential washers and we now have 3 clean sorting areas where before we had just one. We also have the space and capacity to welcome new business that we may have not have been able to before and that has been incredibly rewarding.

This move was no easy task, and we want to make sure we thank all our staff and people that helped us prepare the space. It took not only our army of great people but also electricians, plumbers, venting people, soap people, movers, and many others to make the space perfect.

Whether you have commercial, residential, or cloth diaper needs, we look forward to serving all of you out of our new location. Call Simply Clean Laundry to see how we can help you run your business better. We’ll give you a free estimate and discuss custom solutions we can provide specifically for your office or practice. You’ll be glad you called! 314-782-2476

Look how we've grown

Emergency Laundry Service and Seasonal Overflow

We know many of you wash your own laundry and have your own machines. It’s cool… we understand and of course we can still be friends. But what I’m asking you for today is to just keep us in mind when you have a machine go down, an employee call in, or you have overflow due to a specific season or event.

We have worked in this roll for residential and commercial clients and it works out really well. We have one high end spa that washes their own, but sometimes their residential machines break down and we step in to wash their items until it gets fixed. We are seamless and very flexible so we come as little or often as you need, pick it up, wash it to your specifications and return it. For another customer that is a major community center here in town, we handle all their overflow that they experience after the first of the year for peoples New Year’s resolutions. We also step in during the summer when they are trying to keep up with pool towels. This business has 3 full commercial sized machines that handles their normal workflow year-round except for those few times and that’s when we step in to help.

Businesses love working with us in this capacity because again, we are flexible, quick, seamless, and wash to your specifications. So keep us in mind next time you need a little help and we’ll be happy to take care of you the same way we’ve taken care of so many others.

Mark Huntebrinker
Owner, Simply Clean Laundry Service

4 Signs it’s Time to Hire a Laundry Service

Whether you manage or own a spa, a janitorial service, or a healthcare facility, you have the same priorities: to be efficient with your staff and keep your customers satisfied. Running a successful business requires your expertise to keep the office running smoothly, so you should be able to dedicate as much time as you can on business matters. Spending hours doing laundry or hiring someone full time to wash linens just doesn’t make sense when there is a business like ours who can do it for you in less time and for less money.

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, it’s time to call Simply Clean Laundry Service to discuss how we can help.

Do you need clean towels and sheets folded your way?
From customers who want to feel pampered after a long hot shower to gym rats who need to sop up sweat after a hard workout, clean, fresh towels and sheets are a must. We wash your towels and sheets, then custom fold them just the way you want them. We then deliver them to you and can even fill your shelves where clients can access them directly, leaving you and your staff more time to deal with running your business.  

Do you need to make sure laundry is ready for your next client? 
Having massage tables and salon seats filled is always a good thing, but it can be stressful when you are worried about making sure your laundry is ready as your new customers arrive.  We are flexible and we can schedule pickup and delivery of clean sheets and towels whenever you wish, so you won’t be left wondering if laundry is clean for tomorrow’s customers.  

Do you need custom laundering solutions?
If your linens or lab coats require environmentally friendly washing, spot and stain treatment, or other specific chemical solutions, we can help. We’ll customize a formula to meet your washing needs using our highly programmable washing machines. Need up-front rinses? We can do it. Warmer water? No problem. And we even have a chemist on staff to ensure that the right chemicals are being used in your laundry.

Do you need a more affordable solution to laundering onsite?
It’s not cheap to pay for commercial machines, a full-time employee and a sky-high water bill. You’ll be surprised to find out how much money you can save by hiring an off-site service to take care of your laundry.

Don’t Waste More Time or Money on Laundry
Call Simply Clean Laundry to see how we can help you run your business better. We’ll give you a free estimate and discuss custom solutions we can provide specifically for your office or practice. You’ll be glad you called! 314.782.2476


Give the Gift of Time

Do you know someone who is super busy or just needs a little help getting all their chores done? Or maybe you know someone that deserves a little more “me” time so you want to help lighten their load. Either way, life is too short to spend it in the laundry room, so why not give them the gift of time by signing them or yourself up for residential laundry service from Simply Clean.

laundry roomOur laundry service is perfect for busy professionals, aging parents, college students, or just anyone looking to spend time focusing on more important aspects of their life. We know people’s lives are getting busier and busier, and one simple way to keep up is to hire someone to do your laundry. Take back valuable weekend hours and spend those hours doing more of what you love.

Our attention to service and quality will make our service seamless and easy. We come to you weekly or biweekly to pick up your laundry from your porch or workplace. Then 2 days later, the laundry will come back clean, fresh, neatly folded, and bagged for protection and privacy. We work hard to provide seamless consistent service so you never have to worry about your laundry again. Plus, with our auto payment plan, you never have to worry about bills or those hassles either. We keep your credit card on file and simply charge it when the laundry is complete and returned with a paid receipt in your inbox.

These are precisely the reasons that laundry service makes the perfect gift for you or someone you love. We offer great quality and consistency all while making it fit seamlessly into your normal everyday life so why not give us a call today at 314-782-2476.

The Personality of Our Brand

A few years back at a Real Diaper convention, I had the pleasure of attending a seminar by the then owner of Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Detergent Kim Webb.   Her presentation was all about the personality of your brand and how your brand or business represents a personality.  The identity of your brand may be an extension of your own personality or it may be something totally different and even made up like a WWF Wrestling Character.  Either way, it’s important to know what your brand represents and how it presents itself to others.

So what is the brand or personality of Simply Clean Laundry….?

I would say that over our 10 years in business and the brands we have created with Baby Care Diaper Service, Green Clean Linen, and now Simply Clean Laundry Service is one that is very similar to Kathy and I’s personality.  We pride ourselves on consistency, quality, great customer service,and overall value where we let our product and services speak for themselves.  We aren’t super flashy, artistic, or outspoken so you get a very straight forward honest product but one that is hard working and loaded with value.  I think that also shows in where and how we shop.  For example, we love Quick Trip gas stations here in St. Louis.  Why?  Because they are quick, consistent, and offer a great value.  I also tend to like clothing brands like Levi’s, Champion, and New Balance.  Great simple products that aren’t flashy, but they give you long lasting quality.  Our service and consistency is what makes us stand out above the rest.  Sure you could pay more but why?  We’ll go above and beyond and promise a great consistent product.  Try us out today for your residential or commercial laundry.


Why Simply Clean Laundry

Thanks for tuning in again for another installment of our blog where I try to explain what we do and what drives us as small business owners.  Last time I talked a little bit about who Simply Clean is, but in this blog, I want to explain a little more of the thought process behind picking our current name.

Back in 2006, we bought Baby Care Diaper Service as an existing service with a few dozen customers.  At the time, we really didn’t like the name and wanted something a lot more fun like Cheeky Monkey Diaper Service, or We Do, or whatever, but you get the picture.  But although I grew up selling Blow pops out of my trumpet case during band class at school and flipping items on eBay, I really didn’t know a lot about business, so we decided to keep the name and focus on more important matters.  Over time Baby Care grew and so did our online presence and organic search results which made it increasingly more difficult to make a name change so we never did.  And to be honest, it will be the last part of our business that changes to Simply Clean.  It will be a division of Simply Clean, but will probably keep its name and website for a while.

During the early years of running Baby Care we always had a few commercial accounts, mostly smaller chiropractors and massage therapists.  But in 2013, we decided to put a name to the commercial side of things and that’s when we came up with Green Clean.  We liked that it rhymed, it took in account the green aspects of our business, and it was fun and easy to remember.  In 2016 we decided to add another service, Residential Laundry Service, to what we do and that’s when we decided to combine everything under one name.
We made a list of about 75 potentiwarehouseal names and asked everyone we knew what they thought and we got about 75 different opinions.  We wanted something that would go well with all 3 services.  While we thought about using Green Clean for that, we found out that there is a janitorial service in St. Charles that has the same name Green Clean and we have had a lot of people ask us if we were related businesses. There has even been some confusion about it so we thought it would be a good time to change the name.  Also, we find the name Simply Clean to be a little better for the residential wash and fold laundry service side of what we do.  We still offer the same green options and processes, and of course the same great customer service.

We have over 10 years of professional laundering experience and we look forward to serving your business and your family.   Thanks again for stopping in and learning a little bit about Simply Clean Laundry.

Who is Simply Clean Laundry?

Welcome to our page and thank you for taking time out to visit our blog and learn a little more about our business and our family.   Over the course of this blog, we hope to further explain what we do and what drives us to do it day in and day out.   But first, let’s talk a little bit about Who is Simply Clean Laundry? Simply Clean Laundry has been around under different names for over the past 10 years so you may know us as Baby Care Diaper Service or Green Clean Linen, but while the name may change and morph, our quality and dedication to our customers has not.

We bought Baby Care Diaper Service 10 years ago, when our first child was born.  Kathy had planned on staying home with the kids while I worked, but then we were presented with the opportunity to purchase Baby Care Diaper Service and we knew we had to take a chance since we believed so strongly in cloth diapering.  We originally sorted and packed diapers out of living room of our house while another facility laundered them.  After we grew, we decided it was time to rent a space and start washing the diapers on our own and we have done that since 2010.  After a while we started getting a lot of requests to launder other items so in 2012, I quite my day job and began taking on the washing of other commercial laundry and linen items and Green Clean Linen was born.

St. Louis Magazine
Fast forward to 2016 when we decided it was time to combine the companies to simplify and streamline our processes and make it easier to manage.  Up to this time we have had 2 separate wrapped vans, separate uniforms, separate invoicing systems, separate emails, and the list goes on.  When combing the names, we originally thought we would use the Green Clean name but during that time we also started thinking about adding more than just commercial laundry but adding residential laundry as well.   We also found out about a local company with the same name that does janitorial service and has a good presence in St. Louis/St. Charles so we were starting to get questions about how we relate to that company.  That’s when we decided to change everything over to Simply Clean Laundry Service.  We feel like the name works well for commercial, residential, and cloth diaper laundry services and would fit well into our overall strategy.   It’s going to take some time to transition but we plan on doing a complete rebranding using the same logo and offering the same great affordable service.

We have over 10 years of professional laundering experience and we look forward to serving you and your family.   Thanks again for stopping in and learning a little bit about Simply Clean Laundry.

Commercial Laundry Service

We pride ourselves on providing our clients hassle free service. We are reliable, and we strive to make every part of the process easy and consistent. This way you can worry about other aspects of your business.

Residential Laundry Service

Don’t have time to wash your own laundry? No problem. Just give us a call to arrange your free pickup and let us do all the work. We use trusted detergents and wash to your specific specifications. Then everything is folded, bagged, and returned to your door step. It couldn’t be easier.

Cloth Diaper Service

You may know us better as Baby Care Diaper Service. We have been serving St. Louis for more than 20 years with over 10 of those years under our direction. We have washed over 2 million diapers in that time so we know a few things about cloth. Click here to be taken to our main cloth diaper site.

What Clients Say

  • I love Simply Clean Diaper Service because I know cloth diapers are healthy for my baby and for the Earth. Plus, the convenience is hugely important to me as a new mom — I never have to run out for diapers, or constantly do the laundry.

    Katie S., mother of Lincoln, Diaper Service Customer
  • I am beyond happy with my decision to go with Simply Clean.  For me it was important to try and do my part to keep this world just a little bit greener for my daughter, and teach her right from the beginning how the small things count.  The Owners will help you through any issues you have with real urgency to please their customers.

    Jessica M., mother of Lily, Diaper Service Customer
  • Cannot recommend Simply Clean service enough. Kathy was flexible, kind, easy to work with, and accommodating of our schedules. Plus, the laundry was clean, soft, and ready to put away.  They really make laundry easy. 

    William T, Laundry Service Customer
  • As my business grew, it no longer made sense for me to do my own laundry.  By the time you figure in utilities and my time, it was well worth the cost to let Simply Clean wash my linen.  Thanks Simply Clean!

    Becky S, Massage Therapist, Commercial Laundry Customer
  • Fantastic service. The owners are very knowledgeable and helpful. They are easy to work with and adjust to my needs. It is so easy to just put the laundry out once a week and get it back a couple days later.

    Hannah R, Laundry Service Customer
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