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Thanks for tuning in again for another installment of our blog where I try to explain what we do and what drives us as small business owners.  Last time I talked a little bit about who Simply Clean is, but in this blog, I want to explain a little more of the thought process behind picking our current name.

Back in 2006, we bought Baby Care Diaper Service as an existing service with a few dozen customers.  At the time, we really didn’t like the name and wanted something a lot more fun like Cheeky Monkey Diaper Service, or We Do, or whatever, but you get the picture.  But although I grew up selling Blow pops out of my trumpet case during band class at school and flipping items on eBay, I really didn’t know a lot about business, so we decided to keep the name and focus on more important matters.  Over time Baby Care grew and so did our online presence and organic search results which made it increasingly more difficult to make a name change so we never did.  And to be honest, it will be the last part of our business that changes to Simply Clean.  It will be a division of Simply Clean, but will probably keep its name and website for a while.

During the early years of running Baby Care we always had a few commercial accounts, mostly smaller chiropractors and massage therapists.  But in 2013, we decided to put a name to the commercial side of things and that’s when we came up with Green Clean.  We liked that it rhymed, it took in account the green aspects of our business, and it was fun and easy to remember.  In 2016 we decided to add another service, Residential Laundry Service, to what we do and that’s when we decided to combine everything under one name.
We made a list of about 75 potenti al names and asked everyone we knew what they thought and we got about 75 different opinions.  We wanted something that would go well with all 3 services.  While we thought about using Green Clean for that, we found out that there is a janitorial service in St. Charles that has the same name Green Clean and we have had a lot of people ask us if we were related businesses. There has even been some confusion about it so we thought it would be a good time to change the name.  Also, we find the name Simply Clean to be a little better for the residential wash and fold laundry service side of what we do.  We still offer the same green options and processes, and of course the same great customer service.

We have over 10 years of professional laundering experience and we look forward to serving your business and your family.   Thanks again for stopping in and learning a little bit about Simply Clean Laundry.


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