Meeting Notes from Our Team Meeting

Meeting Notes from Our Team Meeting

During these difficult times, communication is definitely the key in maintaining a safe productive environment.  This includes notifying customers of changes to our routes, cleaning procedures, or just any related business activity, and it also means increased communication at our laundry facility with our Team Members.  We have always had one on one meetings with our employees where we go over performance, business updates, goals, etc, and we had informal group meetings every day to go over workload, priorities, incoming laundry, and new customers.  But with the new world we’re living in right now, we have added more formal meetings and I thought I would share with you the agenda and meeting notes from our first official formal team meeting. I’ll list out the bulleted agenda items below with the notes and conversation that took place after it.  This is an inside look at the exact items we discussed and some of the details around them.  

First Group Meeting – March 2020 – COVID-19 Edition

  • Welcome – Thank you everyone for your continued hard work.  This continues to be a strange time in life and business and we are going to increase communication during these difficult times including this meeting.
  • Safety First – This is our number one priority for employees and customers.  We have provided everyone here with the proper personal protection. Gloves and masks.   Follow the cleaning instructions and make sure to protect yourself especially on incoming laundry.  Also, make sure to be diligent about following the cleaning and flow procedures as outlined in our training yesterday.  
  • What can you do as an employee – Keep yourself safe and healthy and follow the cleaning procedures.  We have time so take your time. If you ever have a fever, stay home and contact us for further instruction.
  • Workload – Many of our commercial customers are seeing a decrease in work or will close all together with the Stay in Place orders that come out Monday.  We are driven to try and keep workload as high as possible but understand that there may come a time when we have to temporarily put people on leave. We will have those discussions personally with each of you later this week.
  • Literature – All emails and blog posts that we have sent to customers are up on the main desk.  Please take time to read them. Let us know if you have any questions.  
  • What We’re Doing (Mark and Kath) – Trying to retain as much business as we can while maintaining safety.  We are expanding our delivery area a little bit to keep drivers busy and reaching out to past customers to see if they need help.  We are also catching up our to do list around here and finishing our evaluation of delivery software that we will start to implement soon.  And we are also adding a drop off option at our store.  Details to follow.
  • We are Essential – Per the MO and IL guidelines, we are considered essential and will remain working as long as we can.  I created a “Permission to Travel” letter that you should take and keep on you in case anyone stops you on the way to or from work.
  • What’s Next – Keep communicating with us and we will do the same.  This is a difficult time and we will pull through it but let’s try to keep our heads up and keep working hard for our community and our customers.  
  • Questions?

I hope you enjoyed seeing a small glimpse into our business as we navigate during these trying times.  We believe in being honest with you and our employees so if you ever have any questions, we are here to answer them.  We hope you and your family stay healthy.

Mark Huntebrinker
Owner, Simply Clean Laundry Service