Hotel Mangers – It’s Not Stained, Until We Say It’s Stained

Hotel Mangers – It’s Not Stained, Until We Say It’s Stained

Hotel Owners and Managers in St. Louis and surrounding communities: do you have a pile of towels, sheets, and duvets that are basically useless because of stains? Have you tried all your tricks and special detergents to get them clean but instead, the stains remain? Instead of letting that pile grow, contact us here at Simply Clean Laundry and we will pick up your stained linen and process it with our proven formulas that incorporate high temps and specialized detergents.

Of course, we can’t guarantee that every towel can be recovered, but we have lots of experience washing stained items for hotels and country clubs and we know what it takes to get a high percentage of your laundry clean. Better yet, we will only charge you for the linen we get clean. So what do you have to lose?

Benefits of hiring us to clean your stained linen includes:

  • No contracts and simple per pound billing. Plus, you only pay for what we get clean.
  • Less linen you’ll have to throw out or donate. It’s not stained until we say it’s stained.
  • Save on labor and machine time. You have enough laundry to do so using your people and machines for long reclaim formulas can be expensive and not to mention ineffective.
  • Save on space. We can eliminate that growing pile of linen in the corner and you can get back your precious laundry room space.
  • Save the headache. Give us a ring, and we’ll come grab the laundry, then wash, dry, fold, bag, and return it to you for your inspection.
  • Lastly, you can save money. For the reasons listed above, you’ll save money and time using Simply Clean Laundry Service to reclaim your linens and towels.

Contact Us today and we’ll be glad to answer any questions and set up your first order.