How Often Should I Be Washing My Lab Coats and Scrubs

How Often Should I Be Washing My Lab Coats and Scrubs

We appreciate and support all the medical professionals out there that work hard to keep the people of our society healthy.   We currently service many of these professionals including their medical offices here in the St. Louis area so wanted to let you know about the services we offer.  We launder different types of medical office linen such as patient gowns, sheets, towels, etc, but today I want to focus mainly on lab coats and scrubs.  Lab coats and scrubs have always required special washing but recently, there have been some additional recommendations made about handling and washing frequency.  

Home laundering of lab coats and scrubs used to be much more widely accepted (especially among those that don’t interact directly with known infected patients), but with the recent pandemic, the guidelines are getting more specific.  Currently, guidelines are suggesting that medical laundry including lab coats and scrubs not be taken off site or washed at home and many offices are recommending that these items be washed daily after each use.  They suggest using an in house laundry facility if available or a facility such as ours that is able to wash medical laundry.  This prevents employees from having to transport laundry to their homes and possibly contaminating their home environment. 

Per the CDC guidelines, there are two main ways of getting items sanitized and they include using hot water over 160 degrees and the use of chlorine bleach.  We offer both of those options and depending on your linen and needs, we can set up a program to ensure your medical laundry is washed and sanitized appropriately.  Unlike a laundromat, our machines are programmable to be specific for your laundry needs and we know what it takes to make sure they are clean and sanitized.  

We can offer a pick up and delivery program for your medical office or specifically for you at your residence.  We pick up from your home or office, pretreat, clean, and wash your laundry, and then return it back to you a short time later.  We can hang lab coats or gowns if desired, and we can also separate items by employee for easy distribution.  

If you’re not satisfied with your current linen company, or if you no longer want to bring your medical linens home to wash and dry, I invite you to try our service.  Give us a call today at 314-782-2476 or fill out our Sign Up form to get started today.

Mark Huntebrinker
Owner, Simply Clean Laundry Service