Our Customers Deserve the Best!

Our Customers Deserve the Best!

Laundry detergents and additives are extraordinarily complex liquids and powders.  They have the task of removing dirt, stains, and odors from fabric, and then rinsing away without damaging your clothes, your washer, your skin, or the environment. For our residential accounts, we offer Tide Original for our scented option and All Free & Clear for our fragrance-free option and we  use Oxiclean as an additive when needed to help with whitening, smells, or extra dirty laundry.  For drying, we use Bounce Outdoor Fresh and Bounce Unscented.  We’ve been using these products for years and we believe in offering customers the best name brand detergents on the market. 

We know many of you reading this think that using a great detergent should be a given for anyone doing wash and fold laundry but you’d be surprised.  We’ve been in the industry a long time and you would be amazed at just how many services out there are using subpar detergents and store brands.  Or worse yet many laundromats/services are using completely fake knock off detergents that have been tested to show they barely perform better than just water.  I’m sure you’ve seen those detergents on Facebook or Craigslist and they are made to look and smell like your favorite name brand but they are not. The liquid detergents are watered down and the powdered knock offs are filled with salts and fillers that not only won’t clean your clothes, but are probably damaging them too.   

Buying name brand detergents is not the cheapest option out there but we believe it’s the best for our customers, so we have always used high quality brand name detergents.  When you use Simply Clean Laundry Service, not only are you getting great consistent customer service, but you can also rest easy knowing that we are doing everything we can to make sure your clothes come back clean  and safe each week.  Give us a call at 314-782-2476 to setup your first pickup.    

Mark Huntebrinker
Owner, Simply Clean Laundry Service