Emergency Laundry Service and Seasonal Overflow

We know many of you wash your own laundry and have your own machines. It’s cool… we understand and of course we can still be friends. But what I’m asking you for today is to just keep us in mind when you have a machine go down, an employee call in, or you have overflow due to a specific season or event.

We have worked in this roll for residential and commercial clients and it works out really well. We have one high end spa that washes their own, but sometimes their residential machines break down and we step in to wash their items until it gets fixed. We are seamless and very flexible so we come as little or often as you need, pick it up, wash it to your specifications and return it. For another customer that is a major community center here in town, we handle all their overflow that they experience after the first of the year for peoples New Year’s resolutions. We also step in during the summer when they are trying to keep up with pool towels. This business has 3 full commercial sized machines that handles their normal workflow year-round except for those few times and that’s when we step in to help.

Businesses love working with us in this capacity because again, we are flexible, quick, seamless, and wash to your specifications. So keep us in mind next time you need a little help and we’ll be happy to take care of you the same way we’ve taken care of so many others.

Mark Huntebrinker
Owner, Simply Clean Laundry Service

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