Hospitality & Bed and Breakfast

If you’re the owner of a bed and breakfast, small inn, retreat center, campus dormitory, camping space, or other hospitality business and you’re looking for a high-quality laundry service, Simply Clean Laundry Service of St. Louis is the answer.  B&B’s (both air and traditional) have become a part of our culture and many people prefer them to traditional hotels.  Using a professional laundry service to make sure your towels and linen are clean and crisp is a great way to keep customers satisfied. So instead of spending money on equipment and staff to do laundry, you should use a professional laundry service like Simply Clean.  Simply Clean Laundry will set up a custom schedule for you to keep you well stocked while freeing up your time to spend on more business related items.

Unbeatable Service

Simply Clean Laundry Service works with several different Bed and Breakfast and small hospitality businesses in St. Louis.  For our team, there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to laundry service.  We approach each new customer on an individual basis to set up a schedule for pickups and deliveries as well as formulas on how to wash your specific linen. From the first phone call you’ll see the difference with Simply Clean as we work with you to assess your needs for your business.  And. although we have a vast amount of experience in the industry, we also believe that our customers know what type of service they want, so we always listen to our customers to formulate the best approach.

Spend Time on What Matters

Simply Clean understands that you started your business to pursue your passion and offer value to your community… and not to do laundry. Simply Clean Laundry Service offers superior quality laundry service for many types of hospitality businesses in the St. Louis area and we can do the same for you. We want to be a reliable partner in your pursuit of providing value to our community so we focus on giving you the best quality linen folded and packaged per your specifications. This allows you to focus your time on growing your business and providing for your customers, while Simply Clean takes care of the laundry. Also, since we don’t do contracts or require you to have weekly service, you have the flexibility to skip a week or go every 2 weeks if that makes sense for you. Just give us a call or email one day before your scheduled delivery and we can push it off to the next week. We understand the laundry needs can fluctuate, so we are here to help. Give Simply Clean Laundry Service at call today and let us take the hassle out of laundry.