Health Clubs and Towel Service

Simply Clean Laundry Service of St. Louis offers high quality laundry & towel service to corporate gyms, fitness centers, cross-fit clubs, and other similar workout locations. We have experience washing and serving several corporate fitness accounts and personally owned gym centers for hand towels and bath towels. If you own your own fitness center or you operate a gym at your corporate location, let us talk to you about the benefits of using a laundry service like Simply Clean Laundry. We know that having your staff spend time on coordinating or washing laundry can be time consuming and takes them away from more important tasks; that’s where we come in. We offer affordable towel service either with towels you already own, or we can rent you hand towels and bath towels that will definitely give your business a professional look.

Affordable Towel Service

Simply Clean Laundry believes the key to a good workout is having a clean, soft towel to soak up sweat and to dry off after a hot shower and this is all possible to do at a very affordable price. We can either wash your own towels and laundry at a per pound price based on dry weight, or you can choose to rent towels from us and pay a flat weekly rate. Either way, you’ll find our service to be reliable and our laundry folded to your standards and ready to put on the shelf. Whether you need a basic or luxurious towel, we can supply you with the exact towel that suits your needs at a great price.

Professional Look

At Simply Clean Laundry Service, we do our best to work around your business schedule. Because we have multiple drivers and routes each day, we have some flexibility in when we deliver and pickup your linen and chances are we are in your area multiple times each week. Also, since we don’t do contracts or require you to have weekly service, you have the flexibility to skip a week or go every 2 weeks if that makes sense for you. Just give us a call or email one day before your scheduled delivery and we can push it off to the next week. We understand the laundry needs of spas and salons with their fluctuating schedule so we are here to help. Your spa and salon service is only as good as your clean sheets and towels; leave that to Simply Clean Laundry Service.