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Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Simply Clean Diaper Service will perform a deep cleaning on your own stash of cloth diapers.  Every few months, people suggest you do a deep clean (stripping) on your diapers. Call us today to schedule your cleaning and leave the work to us.

Below is the online form that you must complete prior to the pickup of your diapers.  This form is acknowledgment of the services being performed and gives us an inventory of what you turn in.

Diaper Stripping – Deep Cleaning Contract Form


Benefits of Deep Cleaning

  • Keep your diapers: sanitized, clean and smelling like new.

Additional Information

  • Each diaper, AIO, insert, wrap, etc counts as 1 piece.
  • Pick-up and delivery for locals (St. Louis and Illinois Metro East).  If you are outside our current delivery area, we welcome you to drop off and pickup your diapers.
  • Complete stripping of diapers and their inserts including bumGenius, Fuzzi Buns, Thirsties, etc.
  • Diapers must be washed prior to pickup.  Diapers that are soiled will be returned or one week of diaper service will be charged.
  • You can select a deep cleaning with or without the use of chlorine bleach.  Chlorine bleach will help sanitize and is an excellent whitener and most manufacturers allow at least one bleaching of their products per month. It is your responsibility to review your manufacturer recommendations prior to having your diapers deep cleaned.  I will say that in all the years we’ve done deep cleanings, we have never damaged a diaper, insert, etc with our laundry process.  If you opt not to use Chlorine Bleach we also offer the option of oxygen bleach which is also an excellent whitener and sanitizes.  The choice is up to you.  

We make it as easy as 1, 2, 3…..

  1. Give us a call and we pick up your stash of prefolds, AIO’s, and inserts.
  2. We deliver a 4 day supply of prefold loaner diapers at your request for just $5.
  3. We return your cloth diapers after a deep, professional cleaning in our industrial washers.

Deep Clean Pricing

1 – 40 pieces $25.00
41 – 60 pieces $30.00
61 – 80 pieces $35.00
Loaner Diapers (+$5.00)

* 4 day turnaround standard.  To expedite to 2 day turnaround, add $5.