Why Cloth Diapers

Cloth diaper are more cost effective, better for the environment, and healthier for your baby.

Cloth diapering has become quite popular, especially among environmentally conscious parents. All the new choices in cloth diapers have made it as easy to use cloth diapers as it is to use disposable diapers.

For many of our customers, the two most important factors when comparing cloth to disposables are ease of use and the cost.

Using cloth diapers is easier than ever before because there are no pins and there is a wide range of diaper covers/wraps to choose from, most of them are made with velcro tabs or snaps.

An added bonus to using cloth diapers is that cloth-diapered children are, on average, toilet-trained by 28 months. Many of our customers complete toilet training well before 2 years of age.

When you take into account that cloth diapered babies are usually potty training about one year earlier, along with the environmental, comfort, and health benefits, it makes the decision easy. Plus, with Simply Clean Diaper Service you get the convenience of having clean diapers delivered to your doorstep and not have to worry about having to go on an emergency late-night diaper run!