Videos and folding tips

For you convenience, we have created a video showing you the basic cloth diaper folds. We have also provided our favorite diaper folds in PDF format below so you can download and print these out. You are welcome to contact us if you ever get stuck! We want cloth diapering to be easy for all our parents.

Common cloth diaper folds – Tips and Tricks

Kathy from Simply Clean Diaper Service in St. Louis tells you about some of the basic cloth diaper folds.

Newborn Fold Video – Simply Clean Diaper Service

This newborn fold is great for containing all those messy situations.

Hybrid Cloth Diaper Service – Simply Clean Diaper

Kathy tells you all about our great Hybrid cloth diaper service.

Cloth Wipes

Completely “Green-ify” your diaper experience by adding cloth wipes to your service.

Night Time Fold – Simply Clean Diaper Service

Looking for a night time solution for your baby? Kathy shows you one of her favorite night time folds.

Simply Clean Diaper Reusable Bags

Kathy from Simply Clean explains our reusable bags

Prefold Cloth Diaper Sizes for our Service

In this video we explain the 3 prefold sizes that we use in our service.

Angel Wing Fold – Simply Clean Diaper Service

Kathy explains one of the most basic cloth diaper folds.

How to Use a Snappi – Simply Clean Diaper Service

In this video, Kathy shows you how to use a Snappi cloth diaper fastener,

How to do our Favorite Folds?

The Wrap Up Fold

This is the easiest way to use a cloth diaper.

Angel Wing Fold

This fold can be used with any size of our pre-folded diapers. It provides excellent absorbency and a trim fit.

The Bikini Twist Fold

If your baby has heavy thighs, this fold works wonders. It provides a high cut opening while maintaining superior absorbency. This fold works best with diapers on the large size for your baby. This fold requires pins and a wrap.

Nightime Dry Fold

This fold gives you 16 layers of diaper right where the baby needs it for night time super-absorbency.