Prefold Service

Cloth diaper prefolds are our most basic, affordable, and popular service.

Benefits of the Prefold Service

  • Different sized prefolds allow a great fit from birth to potty training.
  • 100% Cotton is soft and breathable for your baby.
  • Cotton prefolds are very absorbent.
  • Prefolds are easy to double for additional absorbency.
  • Prefolds can be used as burp cloths or as a changing pad if you are out and about.

Additional Information

We recommend starting off with 80 diapers per week for newborns. They will go through 10-11 diaper changes a day. As they get bigger and a little older, they will use less diapers. We can always adjust the number of diapers you receive to meet your cloth diapering needs.

We have three different sizes of our bleached Indian 4x6x4 prefold diapers, newborn, infant, and regular.

  • Newborn – 10” x 13” – Good for babies up to about 9-10 pounds
  • Infant – 12” x 16” – Good for babies from about 9lb to 15-20 pounds
  • Regular – 14” x 21” – Good for babies over 15-20 pounds