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We believe in running our service responsibly by giving back to our community and doing what we can to protect our environment for the future.

Protecting Our Environment

Some of the ways that we pro-actively minimize our impact on the environment are:

  • Equipment and Process – we use commercial state-of-the-art equipment which minimizes the amount of water and power used to clean your diapers and your laundry items.  This includes:
    • Use of a high efficiency hot water heater.
    • Machines use a RinseSave Technology to save water.
    • Dryers are not time based dryers but instead are moisture sensing so diapers are not over dried.
    • We wash loads based on soil level so your laundry gets just the right attention and cleaning they need to avoid overusing detergent and water.
  • Route optimization – we optimize our routes to ensure that our deliveries are the most efficient possible.
Giving Back to Our Community

Every year we make an effort to support local organizations and our community.

  • We have donated over 800 cloth diapers to local organizations and charities in St. Louis in the past 2 years.
  • We have contributed over 50 weeks of community service to parents through local charities, non-profits, and schools.
  • We support local organizations and help fund educational movies and plays.
  • We hold monthly educational sessions for those interested in cloth diapers.
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