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What it’s Like to Have a Laundry Service!

What it’s Like to Have a Laundry Service!

A new customer in Maplewood just started using our laundry wash and fold service this week.  She is going back to work, has a mountain of laundry piled up in her house, and she knows she needs a little help.  She found us with a Google Search, and one of our routes goes right past her house.  From now on, here’s how she will get her laundry done:


1. She fills our laundry bag with dirty clothes, towels, and sheets.

2. She puts the laundry bag on her front step on Tuesday mornings.

3. She takes her laundry back inside her house on Thursday. She is done with laundry.

4. She pats herself on the back for being smart enough to outsource her former biggest pain… Laundry.

We’ve Moved… On to Bigger and Better Things

We are so excited to announce that we have moved locations. We’ve been busy these last few months as we’ve moved into our new location in Overland Missouri. We started about 11 years ago in 2006, where we originally ran the business out of our home in a 400 square foot room and outsourced the washing to a local linen service. Then we realized that we wanted to take over the washing, so in 2011, we started renting a place in Maryland Heights which was about 1500 square feet. We called that facility home for about seven years and it watched us grow from just a diaper service to a full fledge laundry service that included commercial and residential washing. In August of 2017 we decided that we needed more space and the perfect opportunity came our way to purchase our very own building in Overland near Page and Ashby. This space takes us from about 1500 sf to over 4200 sf. We finally have the space to park our vans inside again and not have to worry about braving the heat and cold to load and unload vans. It also means that we expanded from our original 2 washer setup to 5 washers and eliminated the bottleneck we had for washing capacity.

We ran our first load of laundry shortly after Halloween, 2017 and haven’t looked back. The added washer, dryers, and space have been amazing. We have also added multiple residential washers and we now have 3 clean sorting areas where before we had just one. We also have the space and capacity to welcome new business that we may have not have been able to before and that has been incredibly rewarding.

This move was no easy task, and we want to make sure we thank all our staff and people that helped us prepare the space. It took not only our army of great people but also electricians, plumbers, venting people, soap people, movers, and many others to make the space perfect.

Whether you have commercial, residential, or cloth diaper needs, we look forward to serving all of you out of our new location. Call Simply Clean Laundry to see how we can help you run your business better. We’ll give you a free estimate and discuss custom solutions we can provide specifically for your office or practice. You’ll be glad you called! 314-782-2476

Look how we've grown

4 Signs it’s Time to Hire a Laundry Service

Whether you manage or own a spa, a janitorial service, or a healthcare facility, you have the same priorities: to be efficient with your staff and keep your customers satisfied. Running a successful business requires your expertise to keep the office running smoothly, so you should be able to dedicate as much time as you can on business matters. Spending hours doing laundry or hiring someone full time to wash linens just doesn’t make sense when there is a business like ours who can do it for you in less time and for less money.

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, it’s time to call Simply Clean Laundry Service to discuss how we can help.

Do you need clean towels and sheets folded your way?
From customers who want to feel pampered after a long hot shower to gym rats who need to sop up sweat after a hard workout, clean, fresh towels and sheets are a must. We wash your towels and sheets, then custom fold them just the way you want them. We then deliver them to you and can even fill your shelves where clients can access them directly, leaving you and your staff more time to deal with running your business.  

Do you need to make sure laundry is ready for your next client? 
Having massage tables and salon seats filled is always a good thing, but it can be stressful when you are worried about making sure your laundry is ready as your new customers arrive.  We are flexible and we can schedule pickup and delivery of clean sheets and towels whenever you wish, so you won’t be left wondering if laundry is clean for tomorrow’s customers.  

Do you need custom laundering solutions?
If your linens or lab coats require environmentally friendly washing, spot and stain treatment, or other specific chemical solutions, we can help. We’ll customize a formula to meet your washing needs using our highly programmable washing machines. Need up-front rinses? We can do it. Warmer water? No problem. And we even have a chemist on staff to ensure that the right chemicals are being used in your laundry.

Do you need a more affordable solution to laundering onsite?
It’s not cheap to pay for commercial machines, a full-time employee and a sky-high water bill. You’ll be surprised to find out how much money you can save by hiring an off-site service to take care of your laundry.

Don’t Waste More Time or Money on Laundry
Call Simply Clean Laundry to see how we can help you run your business better. We’ll give you a free estimate and discuss custom solutions we can provide specifically for your office or practice. You’ll be glad you called! 314.782.2476


Prefolds or AIO’s…Which Should I Choose?

It’s no wonder that when new parents first come to us for diaper service, they ask a LOT of questions. How does the service work? How much will it cost? How many diapers will I need? Should I rent or buy diapers? Which kind of diapers are best?

Well, the only way to begin answering all of these questions is to explain the differences between prefold and all-in-one, or AIO, diapers. Let’s start with a rundown of each.


When most people think of cloth diapers, they think of prefolds. These are rectangular pieces of cotton divided into three parts, and they can be folded a variety of ways. These cloth diapers simply fit into a diaper cover, and you just take out the wet or soiled diaper and reuse the diaper cover each time you change your baby.

Here are some key things to note about prefold diapers:

  • They’re affordable. The prefolds themselves are economical to rent. The only other expense you have is buying diaper covers, but that’s the fun part since you can choose from a variety of adorable prints and colors. Or if you use our Wraps for Life service to rent 7 covers in each size over the cloth diapering life of your little one.
  • They’re absorbent. Cotton acts as a sponge, so if you find that you need additional absorbency such as at night or during a longer outing, you can just insert an extra prefold or a cotton or hemp insert in the diaper cover.
  • They’re useful for other things. Need a burp cloth? Grab a prefold. Forgot your changing pad? Grab a prefold. Your preschooler just sneezed and is covered in snot? You get the picture.

All-in-one (AIO’s)

An AIO is similar to a disposable diaper because the cloth insert is sewn into the diaper cover (Get it? All in one.). Therefore, when your baby pees or poops, you simply take the whole thing off, wrap it up and throw it in the laundry pail.

Here are a few key things about AIO’s:

  • They make changing easier. Nannies, daycares, and even mommies and daddies who don’t like to deal with grossness like them because they allow for a cleaner change and are easier to transport.
  • They’re more expensive than prefolds. And because they can only be used once before washing, you have to buy more of them.
  • You can be sure to get your same AIO’s back when you use a diaper service like ours.

How Our Prefold and AIO Diaper Services Differ

Whether you decide to put your baby in prefolds or AIO’s, your baby will go through a lot of diapers at first – like, over 70 diapers per week. The reason our service and prices differ between the two types of diapers is because, well, they’re different.

How Prefold Service Works

We rent a pre-determined amount of prefolds to you, you put them in the pail we provide, and once a week we pick them up and deliver a batch of fresh, clean diapers. Since the prefolds are more affordable, this service is more affordable.

How All in One Service Works

We rent bumGenius Freetime or Elemental AIO’s to you, and we number each one. We pick up your pail each week just as we do with prefolds, but we ensure that you’ll receive the same AIOs back each week. Since these diapers cost more upfront, this service is more costly. It all just depends what you’re looking for in a diaper service.

We Also Offer a Little Bit of Both

If you like the idea of having some prefolds and some all-in-ones, we offer a hybrid service in which you get half prefolds and half AIO’s. That way if you use prefolds at home and AIOs at daycare, you have both.

Still Confused? Just Ask!

We’re used to answering a lot of questions, and we don’t mind. Know why? Because we were once new parents too. So just give us a call or shoot us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cloth Diapering is Easier Than You Think! Come to our free Cloth Diapering Basics Class.

When we were new parents, we had no idea how to buy, fold, or clean cloth diapers – or even how to put them on our baby. The whole idea was pretty intimidating, but we knew we wanted what was best for our newborn, and for the environment. When someone took the time to show us how to do it all, we ended up loving cloth diapers so much so that we used them for all three of our kids (and even decided to run a cloth diaper service).

Since we hate the thought of any new mom or dad staring blankly into an insert or diaper cover, we offer FREE monthly classes to teach the ins and outs of cloth diapering.

What can you learn our Cloth Diapering Basics class?

Each of our classes is taught by Simply Clean Owner Kathy Huntebrinker, who has ten years of experience in cloth diapering. During each class, Kathy addresses:

  • The types of cloth diapers including prefolds, all-in-ones, pockets, fitteds, and hybrids.
  • Benefits of cloth diapers, including cost savings and environmental impact.
  • Available accessories such as wipes, wetbags disposable liners, and the many different reusable inserts including nighttime solutions.
  • Home washing, from how to empty and wash soiled diapers to keeping stains to a minimum.
  • Benefits of a diaper service, like how awesome it is to have dirty diapers picked up and new ones delivered each week!
  • Finish up with a Q & A session where all your detailed questions will be answered.

This is a great time to get hands on experience with all of the cloth diapering options and we’ll have several models (aka teddy bears) on hand for you to practice your cloth diapering skills. Also, students leave with lots of new knowledge and handouts that they can refer to for future cloth diapering help.

Register for our next Cloth Diapering Basics class today!

We offers classes once a month at Kangaroo Kids and they typically the 3rd Saturday of the month. Just click here to register. We hope to see you there!

Every Day is Earth Day!

To us, every day is Earth Day.

We chose to work in the cloth diaper laundering business after learning about the environmenEarth Day St. Louistal benefits of cloth diapering our own babies. Knowing that we now help keep hundreds of thousands of disposa
ble diapers out of landfills each year makes us sleep better at night because we think about the impact it will ma
ke on our children’s Earth, and even on their children’s Earth someday.

If you’re still not sold on cloth diapering or have a friend you’re trying to convince to make the switch, consider this: According to the Clean Air Council, Americans throw away 49 million diapers per day. Yes, per DAY. These diapers not only take up space on our Earth but also contain ingredients such as polyethelene, petroleum, wood pulp, polypropylene and other non-renewable petroleum-based ingredients. It’s hard to even pronounce those things, much less understand how detrimental they can be.

Reducing toxic trash piles is just part of the reason we love our job. By washing cloth diapers in bulk with our commercial washing machines, we use less water and detergent than home laundering requires. It’s pretty cool that we save our customers time AND allow them to contribute to a better environment.

Ready to learn more about cloth diapering and our laundering service? Come see us in Forest Park on April 24th at the St. Louis Earth Day event. We look forward to this day every year where we can demo our products, host giveaways for cool stuff like tie-dyed diapers, and convert even the most skeptical dads with Mark’s charm and ninja-like cloth diapering skills. If you need a place to change your baby, we’ll have a changing station on site with free cloth wipes. We hope to see you there!

Happy Earth Day, St. Louis!


Why choose a diaper service?

It’s a full time job to feed, change, bathe, play with and get your baby to sleep. A diaper service takes one huge responsibility away from parents by washing your diapers for you and delivering fresh, clean diapers to your doorstep each week. Here are just a few other benefits of using a diaper service:

You want to try before you buy

New parents often like to get up close and personal with cloth diapers before deciding if they want to keep using them. We rent our work-horse diapers along with cloth wipes, pail liners and pails for a length of service that’s right for you, so you don’t have to make an investment in high-quality diapers of your own until you’re sure you want to stick with them. Our 6-Week Newborn Service is perfect as a gift for new moms who would like to try cloth diapers.

More efficient than home washing

If you’re constantly washing diapers in your home machine, your water bill and detergent cost can really add up. We use large front loading machines that require less water, detergent, and energy per diaper washed, which is great for your pockets and the environment. We also use a high efficiency hot water heater and dryers that are water sensitive, so diapers are never over-dried and less energy is wasted.

No more funky smell

None of us expect dirty diapers to smell like roses, but it’s a different story when there’s an additional funky smell that you can’t put your finger on (or in). Many parents who wash cloth diapers at home complain about a strange smell, and that’s because when detergents and chemicals don’t rinse out in the wash, they can react with urine and cause an extra potent odor. With our commercial washers, all detergents are completely rinsed from diapers so you won’t have to worry about funky smells or rashes that often result from chemicals that aren’t rinsed out.

No more emergency trips to the store

We all know how hard it is to get out of the house with a baby, especially when they’re young and you’re worn out. With a diaper service like ours, clean diapers come to you. You’ll always have enough diapers to get you through the week, and more delivered to your door before you run out.

It makes cloth diapering a no-brainer

All you have to do is choose the number of prefolds you’d like to receive each week, and we’ll deliver clean diapers to your home. You’ll leave wet and dirty diapers in a plastic diaper pail that we provide, and wash your own covers with your regular laundry. You’ll have more time, you’ll have a happy baby with fewer episodes of diaper rash, and you’ll be doing your part to help the environment. What do you have to lose?


Simply Clean Diaper Service Offers Newborn Special – Press Release

Simply Clean Diaper Service Offers Newborn Special

New parents can enjoy six weeks of cloth diaper laundering for less.

Saint Louis, MO – Feb. 8, 2016 – Simply Clean Diaper Service, a St. Louis-based diaper delivery service, is now offering a deep discount on the first six weeks of newborn cloth diaper laundering service. For just $150, parents can receive up to 100 clean cloth diapers, up to 80 wipes, seven loaner wraps, rental of a diaper pail, and two pail liners. The special price is being offered at a greater than 20% discount.

“Having a new baby is overwhelming with all the sleepless nights and feeding schedules,” said Mark Huntebrinker, who owns the company with his wife, Kathy. “Our goal with our newborn laundering and delivery service is to allow new parents to relax during the hours that they would be washing diapers. This special price can get them started on their cloth diapering journey with little investment.”

Friends and family may purchase gift certificates for the service as a baby shower gift, and new parents can schedule the service to begin when they bring baby home.

“Peace of mind makes a great gift,” said Kathy Huntebrinker. “For a new mom and dad, knowing they won’t have to be rinsing diapers all the time or running out to the store late at night to get more diapers is a pretty good feeling. All they have to do is throw dirty diapers in the pail we provide, and we’ll pick them up and deliver clean ones each week.”

Cloth diapers of today are not the same as years ago. They now consist of cloth prefolds that fit inside of a waterproof wrap that closes with velcro or snaps. The wraps are made in a variety of colors and designs. Simply Clean rents the wraps, and customers are responsible for washing them.

Mark and Kathy Huntebrinker are committed to educating St. Louis and Metro East communities about the many benefits of cloth diapering. A top concern with many parents is how harmful disposable diapers are to the environment, since 28 billion non-biodegradable diapers end up in landfills each year. Cloth diapers are washable and can be used over and over. Even part-time cloth diapering can save thousands of disposable diapers from filling up space on our Earth.

Another benefit of cloth diapers is that babies who wear them tend to experience fewer cases of diaper rash. Simply Clean uses gentle detergents that are phosphate, dye and perfume free and will not irritate sensitive skin.

Finally, the cost-saving benefit of cloth diapering is surprising.

“When you take into account that many cloth diapered babies end up potty training about one year earlier, the savings is substantial over the diaper lifetime of a child,” said Kathy.

To take advantage of Simply Clean Diaper’s Newborn 6-Week Service special, contact the company at 314-732-7009 or at

About Simply Clean Diaper Service

Simply Clean Diaper Service is a St. Louis and Illinois cloth diaper service based in Maryland Heights, delivering clean cloth diapers right to your door. Simply Clean strives to educate parents about the environmental, health, and cost advantages of cloth diapering. Simply Clean Diaper has been around for over 20 years. To learn more about Simply Clean Diaper Service, please visit or call 314-782-2476.

Simply Clean Diaper Service Family Spotlight – The Breitenfeld’s

Read all about the Breitenfeld’s and why they love cloth diapers. They have used Simply Clean for three of their five children because of the ease and lack of rashes with cloth. Read below to find out more about them and why they think cloth is best.


1. Tell us a little bit about your family:

David (nurse anesthetist), Noelani [mental health counselor by education, but I like to call myself the Chief Operating Officer of our household currently:-)], Kehaumailani, Kahuikaika, Pomaikai, Malieonaona, & Iwalani; currently living in St. Louis with our hearts in Hawaii & Washington state.


2. Who do you currently have in cloth and/or past Simply Clean Alumni?

‘Iwalani is our latest Simply Clean beneficiary. We are transitioning Malieonaona out of cloths, using them for security during potty training. Pomaika’i is our Simply Clean alum

3. What are the main reasons you like being a Simply Clean Diaper Service customer?
We love the convenience of a diaper service! If we didn’t have Simply Clean, I don’t think we’d be cloth diapering. With a large family, I just can’t see myself washing another load of laundry! We originally considered cloth diapers after our first two babies’ diapering experiences. We started out with conventional disposables, but we weren’t comfortable with the persistent diaper rashes. It was so bad with our second child that diapering was painful for both parents and baby (e.g., open, bleeding sores on the bottom)! We switched to more environmentally friendly disposables, which helped ease #2′s bottom. However, they didn’t go away completely. I started researching cloths as an alternative when pregnant again with the third. We liked the thought of a soft, breathable material for baby’s bum that wasn’t going to contribute to landfill mass. We were delighted to discover baby #3 (despite skin sensitivities like the first two), rarely suffered from more than a slight reddening of the bottom that would clear up almost immediately with a little salve. We were convinced we made the right decision to switch, and we’ve been using them ever since.

4. What other green activities have you incorporated in your everyday day life?
Having lived in the Evergreen State, we pride ourselves on the environmental footprint we leave on a place. We have always recycled, eaten locally harvested foods, etc., but since having children, we’ve added other ecological practices to our routine. I started using cleaning products that were less toxic. I’d like to eventually make my own products from vinegar, baking soda, lemon, essential oils, etc, but I haven’t found the time yet. (Imagine that!) Whenever possible, I buy the kids’ clothes at consignment stores. Now that the kids need to bring lunches to school, we use containers for food and drink that are reusable. I hate the thought of throwing away plastic each day! Oh yes, then there are the cloth napkins and towels. They are more for me to wash, but they are small enough that they don’t create too much more work each week.<
5. What are some of your favorite family activities?
We are an active family. We love playing and watching sports (professional and college). Currently the boys are playing hockey, and us girls dance hula. Summer break means swim lessons on most days of the week for the older kids. We also love to camp, fish, travel, and eat/cook gourmet and ethnic cuisines.
Are you interested in having your family spotlighted? If you are a current customer, just email us answers to the questions above with a picture of your cute little ones. If you’re not a current customer, Sign Up today!

Simply Clean Diaper Service Family Spotlight – The Parmentier’s

Check out the Parmentier’s. They are first time parents and they have chosen to use Simply Clean Diaper service to supply their cloth diapers. Read all about their family (including the 2 furry ones), their love of the outdoors, and what they’re doing to make the world a greener place.
1. Tell us a little bit about your family:
Jennifer, Parkway School District Teacher Assistant, and Bill, freelance video producer and screen actor. We live in University City. We also have two dogs, Ripley and Dillon, Great Dane mixes.

2. Who do you currently have in cloth and/or past Simply Clean Alumni?
Bruce is 9 months old and loves his cloth diapers.
3. What are the main reasons you like being a Simply Clean Diaper Service customer?
It’s the best environmental option, it’s more affordable than disposables, and the convenience of delivery saves us so much time doing laundry.

4. What other green activities have you incorporated in your everyday day life?
We consider ourselves to be very eco-friendly. We reduce, reuse, and recycle everything. We compost all of our leftover food. We buy a lot of used and second-hand goods. We have made our 85 year old house very energy efficient. We eat as much local and organic food as we can, and grow an organic fruit and vegetable garden every year. We drive a hybrid car. And the list goes on and on…

5. What are some of your favorite family activities?

We love to get outside and enjoy good weather, so we go on a lot of walks and hikes. We love the MO Botanical Garden, baseball games, dining out, spending time with our extended family and friends, gardening, The Zoo, The Art Museum, farmers markets, outdoor festivals, and The Symphony.

Are you interested in having your family spotlighted? If you are a current customer, just email us answers to the questions above with a picture of your cute little ones. If you’re not a current customer, Sign Up today!

Commercial Laundry Service

We pride ourselves on providing our clients hassle free service. We are reliable, and we strive to make every part of the process easy and consistent. This way you can worry about other aspects of your business.

Residential Laundry Service

Don’t have time to wash your own laundry? No problem. Just give us a call to arrange your free pickup and let us do all the work. We use trusted detergents and wash to your specific specifications. Then everything is folded, bagged, and returned to your door step. It couldn’t be easier.

Cloth Diaper Service

You may know us better as Baby Care Diaper Service. We have been serving St. Louis for more than 20 years with over 10 of those years under our direction. We have washed over 2 million diapers in that time so we know a few things about cloth. Click here to be taken to our main cloth diaper site.

What Clients Say

  • I love Simply Clean Diaper Service because I know cloth diapers are healthy for my baby and for the Earth. Plus, the convenience is hugely important to me as a new mom — I never have to run out for diapers, or constantly do the laundry.

    Katie S., mother of Lincoln, Diaper Service Customer
  • I am beyond happy with my decision to go with Simply Clean.  For me it was important to try and do my part to keep this world just a little bit greener for my daughter, and teach her right from the beginning how the small things count.  The Owners will help you through any issues you have with real urgency to please their customers.

    Jessica M., mother of Lily, Diaper Service Customer
  • Cannot recommend Simply Clean service enough. Kathy was flexible, kind, easy to work with, and accommodating of our schedules. Plus, the laundry was clean, soft, and ready to put away.  They really make laundry easy. 

    William T, Laundry Service Customer
  • As my business grew, it no longer made sense for me to do my own laundry.  By the time you figure in utilities and my time, it was well worth the cost to let Simply Clean wash my linen.  Thanks Simply Clean!

    Becky S, Massage Therapist, Commercial Laundry Customer
  • Fantastic service. The owners are very knowledgeable and helpful. They are easy to work with and adjust to my needs. It is so easy to just put the laundry out once a week and get it back a couple days later.

    Hannah R, Laundry Service Customer
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