Commercial Laundry Solutions for Your Business

Commercial Laundry Solutions for Your Business

Simply Clean Commercial Laundry Service really does bring you the best of both worlds.  We’re big enough to create a custom laundry solution for your small or medium sized businesses, while also small enough to give great flexibility, no contacts, and direct access to us… the owners.      

Unlike some of the big linen services, we specialize in designing a custom solution to meet the needs of your small to medium sized businesses including many light medical practices.  Some advantages of using Simply Clean Commercial Laundry Service Include:

  •  We specialize in washing customer owned items.  Tired of the quality of linen that the big linen companies keep sending you each week?  Since we wash your customer owned items, you can decide what type and quality of linen you want to purchase, and we’ll take it from there.  We can even supply you with company names where to purchase certain linen.  
  •  We can customize a wash formula just for you.  We are NOT a laundromat where they wash everything the same way with the same formulas.  Our machines are fully programmable and we have a Chemist on staff who has over 12 years of experience setting up custom formulas for your linen.  Maybe you need an extra up front rinse or two for dirty linen like a maid or cleaning service, or maybe you need to have your linen soak a little during a cycle.  Or maybe your linen needs a high pH wash or you prefer to use oxygen bleach.  Whatever it is, our programmable machines and chemical pumps can make it happen.  
  • We fold your items to your specifications.  Sometimes customers want microfiber sorted by color or in stacks of a certain amount.  Done.  Sometimes customers want items hung up like lab coats and tablecloths.  Done.  Sometimes they need items folded a certain size to fit on their existing shelves.  Done.   I could go on but you get the picture.  
  • We do not require contracts.  We believe in earning your business week in and week out, so for that reason we have no long-term contracts.  Even if you need to skip a week, just give us a days notice, and we can make that happen with no problem.  We truly are flexible.  
  • We don’t believe in add on fees.   Some of the big guys will “Nickle and Dime” you with lots of add ons for fuel surcharges, replacement costs, or higher prices for certain detergents.  None of that applies with us.  We calculate cost on dry weight per pound and we also offer free pickup and delivery so you get an easy to understand bill.  
  • We make life easy with reliable consistent service.  Once we have your account setup and frequency of pickup and deliveries, everything else runs smooth.  1.  We pick up your laundry.  2.  We professionally launder and fold your items to your specifications.  3.  We weigh or count your dry items and deliver them back to you.  What could be easier?

We serve all types of commercial accounts including maid services, cleaning services, Air BnB’s, Bed and Breakfasts, Dermotologists, Dental Offices, Chiropractors, Wedding Venues, etc so if you’re tired of your existing service or if you’re just tired of washing your own laundry, give us a ring or email us and we’d be happy to setup a customized laundry solution just for you. 

Mark Huntebrinker
Owner, Simply Clean Laundry Service