Every Day is Earth Day!

To us, every day is Earth Day.

We chose to work in the cloth diaper laundering business after learning about the environmental benefits of cloth diapering our own babies. Knowing that we now help keep hundreds of thousands of disposa
ble diapers out of landfills each year makes us sleep better at night because we think about the impact it will ma
ke on our children’s Earth, and even on their children’s Earth someday.

If you’re still not sold on cloth diapering or have a friend you’re trying to convince to make the switch, consider this: According to the Clean Air Council, Americans throw away 49 million diapers per day. Yes, per DAY. These diapers not only take up space on our Earth but also contain ingredients such as polyethelene, petroleum, wood pulp, polypropylene and other non-renewable petroleum-based ingredients. It’s hard to even pronounce those things, much less understand how detrimental they can be.

Reducing toxic trash piles is just part of the reason we love our job. By washing cloth diapers in bulk with our commercial washing machines, we use less water and detergent than home laundering requires. It’s pretty cool that we save our customers time AND allow them to contribute to a better environment.

Ready to learn more about cloth diapering and our laundering service? Come see us in Forest Park on April 24th at the St. Louis Earth Day event. We look forward to this day every year where we can demo our products, host giveaways for cool stuff like tie-dyed diapers, and convert even the most skeptical dads with Mark’s charm and ninja-like cloth diapering skills. If you need a place to change your baby, we’ll have a changing station on site with free cloth wipes. We hope to see you there!

Happy Earth Day, St. Louis!


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