Simply Clean Diaper Service Offers Newborn Special – Press Release

Simply Clean Diaper Service Offers Newborn Special

New parents can enjoy six weeks of cloth diaper laundering for less.

Saint Louis, MO – Feb. 8, 2016 – Simply Clean Diaper Service, a St. Louis-based diaper delivery service, is now offering a deep discount on the first six weeks of newborn cloth diaper laundering service. For just $175, parents can receive up to 100 clean cloth diapers, up to 80 wipes, seven loaner wraps, rental of a diaper pail, and two pail liners. The special price is being offered at a greater than 20% discount.

“Having a new baby is overwhelming with all the sleepless nights and feeding schedules,” said Mark Huntebrinker, who owns the company with his wife, Kathy. “Our goal with our newborn laundering and delivery service is to allow new parents to relax during the hours that they would be washing diapers. This special price can get them started on their cloth diapering journey with little investment.”

Friends and family may purchase gift certificates for the service as a baby shower gift, and new parents can schedule the service to begin when they bring baby home.

“Peace of mind makes a great gift,” said Kathy Huntebrinker. “For a new mom and dad, knowing they won’t have to be rinsing diapers all the time or running out to the store late at night to get more diapers is a pretty good feeling. All they have to do is throw dirty diapers in the pail we provide, and we’ll pick them up and deliver clean ones each week.”

Cloth diapers of today are not the same as years ago. They now consist of cloth prefolds that fit inside of a waterproof wrap that closes with velcro or snaps. The wraps are made in a variety of colors and designs. Simply Clean rents the wraps, and customers are responsible for washing them.

Mark and Kathy Huntebrinker are committed to educating St. Louis and Metro East communities about the many benefits of cloth diapering. A top concern with many parents is how harmful disposable diapers are to the environment, since 28 billion non-biodegradable diapers end up in landfills each year. Cloth diapers are washable and can be used over and over. Even part-time cloth diapering can save thousands of disposable diapers from filling up space on our Earth.

Another benefit of cloth diapers is that babies who wear them tend to experience fewer cases of diaper rash. Simply Clean uses gentle detergents that are phosphate, dye and perfume free and will not irritate sensitive skin.

Finally, the cost-saving benefit of cloth diapering is surprising.

“When you take into account that many cloth diapered babies end up potty training about one year earlier, the savings is substantial over the diaper lifetime of a child,” said Kathy.

To take advantage of Simply Clean Diaper’s Newborn 6-Week Service special, contact the company at 314-732-7009 or at [email protected]

About Simply Clean Diaper Service

Simply Clean Diaper Service is a St. Louis and Illinois cloth diaper service based in Maryland Heights, delivering clean cloth diapers right to your door. Simply Clean strives to educate parents about the environmental, health, and cost advantages of cloth diapering. Simply Clean Diaper has been around for over 20 years. To learn more about Simply Clean Diaper Service, please visit or call 314-782-2476.

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