Simply Clean Diaper Service Family Spotlight – The Sullivan’s

Check out the Sullivan’s. They are current Simply Clean Diaper customers with 2 of the cutest girls around. Read more about their family, favorite green activities, and why they chose cloth!

1. Tell us a little bit about your family:

My husband John is a Vice President of Human Resources at a financial corporation. I am a chef and owner of Flavor 360, a boutique catering company that also offers in-home baby food making classes. We live with our two daughters, Sloane who’s almost 4 and Paige who’s almost two, in the Sunset Hills area.

2. Who do you currently have in cloth and/or past Simply Clean Alumni?

Sloane is still wearing cloth diapers at night, but we’re moving to training pants any time now! Paige is still in cloth diapers.

3. What are the main reasons you like being a Simply Clean Diaper Service customer?

First, I feel good that our diapers don’t unnecessarily fill up landfills and that using cloth diapers is friendlier to the environment. Second, I love the convenience of having diapers delivered right to our front porch every week! With our busy schedules, not having to worry about buying diapers is priceless. I also make a point to support local business, like Simply Clean, whenever I can. Their outstanding customer service has made us loyal customers. And lastly, but most importantly, I use Simply Clean Diaper Service because their diapers are chemical free and so much better on my little ones’ bottoms.

4. What other green activities have you incorporated in your everyday day life?

We use cloth napkins and reusable shopping bags. We recycle, have replaced all of our incandescent light bulbs with halogen ones, and buy only energy efficient appliances.

5. What are some of your favorite family activities?

On nice days, we enjoy going to the park, including Grant’s Farm and the St. Louis Zoo. During the summer we spend as much time as possible in our backyard, grilling, playing in the water, and soaking up the sun. When it’s too rainy outside, we head to the library. At dinner, we started a great family activity. We take turns making up stories. As you can imagine, with two girls, their stories almost always involve princesses!

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