Traveling with Cloth Diapers – 5 Things you need to know

Summertime Traveling with Cloth Diapers – You can do it!

Many people choose to use cloth while traveling and as we enter the summer travel season, we thought we would share some tips to make cloth diapering on the road just a little easier while using our service.

1. Let us know your travel dates and if you need some extra diapers for your trip. Many times, we can setup a one time delivery so we can drop off a clean fresh stash and take away your old ones so they don’t sit while you’re gone

2. A waterproof wet bag or tote is a key piece to cloth diapering while traveling as it will keep the smell to a minimum. Make sure the bag is completely sealed and make sure to remove any heavy soil before throwing diapers into the bag.

3. Another nice option to keep the soil off the diaper and out of the bag is to use a Bummis flushable liner. These go between the diaper and the baby and work well to catch heavy soil so it can be easily flushed away.

4. Make sure you have enough covers since you may not always be near a place that you can easily rinse them if they become soiled.

5. If you are short on diapers and need to wash them, please make sure you rinse them a couple of times first on cold, followed by warm detergent wash, the followed by a couple of rinses. While we normally prefer that you don’t rinse or wash our diapers, we understand that sometimes you may have to.

We have traveled from the mountains of Colorado to the beaches of Florida all while using basic prefolds and covers. It doesn’t take a ton of effort and with our service, we make it even easier as we’ll do the washing when you get home. Enjoy your summer and safe travels.

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