Simply Clean Diaper Service Washes One Millionth Diaper

Simply Clean Diaper Service Washes One Millionth Diaper

St. Louis diaper service saves over one million diapers from landfills

Saint Louis, MO – March 6, 2011Simply Clean Diaper Service, a St. Louis-based diaper delivery service, has washed its one millionth diaper since coming under new ownership in 2006. Disposable diapers are the third highest contributor to landfills and every diaper washed, dried and delivered by Simply Clean keeps a disposable diaper from harming our environment.

Owners Kathy and Mark Huntebrinker are dedicated to educating the community about the benefits and cost-savings of cloth diapering.

“It is exciting to know that we have helped keep over one million disposable diapers out of landfills,” says Kathy Huntebrinker. “According to the Real Diaper Association, it is estimated that over 28 billion disposable diapers enter our landfills every year. We are thrilled that so many St. Louisans have embraced cloth diapering and are happy to be part of a movement to keep our planet healthy for our children and future generations. Even the smallest everyday choices can make a huge impact.”

The Huntebrinkers’ dedication to the environment factors into every choice they make to manage the business. Not only is cloth diapering more environmentally friendly, the entire Simply Clean process is managed with environmental consideration. Simply Clean is part of Ameren’s Pure Power program that allows businesses to buy energy credits to offset their usage. The company conserves water by using a high-efficiency hot water heater and washers with “rinse save” technology, sorts diapers based on soil levels to conserve water and energy, and conserves energy by using the most efficient delivery routes. Simply Clean operates within the standards of the Real Diaper Association and uses a trusted detergent company that is phosphate, dye and perfume free.

“With over 90 percent of disposable diapers ending up in landfills, even part-time use of cloth diapers makes an astounding impact on landfill waste. Simply Clean is committed to educating parents about the benefits of cloth diapers and how easy they are to use so they at least consider cloth diapering. We work with local like-minded businesses on community-wide education initiatives and we offer workshops and in-home demos. So many people think of the pins and the mess associated with old cloth diapering systems which is no longer the case,” says Huntebrinker.

Simply Clean makes cloth diapering easy with convenient pick up of dirty diapers and drop off of clean diapers once a week. The Huntebrinkers are working hard to keep cloth diapering affordable for families with their Wraps for Life program which gives parents the option to “rent” diaper covers at each age and stage to keep their investment costs low and make cloth diapering work for them.

“For many of our customers, cost is one of the least important factors when comparing cloth to disposables,” says Huntebrinker. “But, surprisingly, using a cloth diaper service can end up costing less in the long run. The weekly price is comparable to paper diapers and is cheaper than other popular on-the-go systems. When you take into account that many cloth diapered babies end up potty training about one year earlier, the savings is substantial over the diaper lifetime of a child. Plus, the best part about Simply Clean is that we make it even more convenient – you get the convenience of having clean diapers delivered to your doorstep and don’t have to worry about that late-night diaper run.”

Simply Clean Diaper continues to show steady growth and has recently expanded their delivery service area into Illinois and more of St. Louis and St. Charles counties. In early 2011 Simply Clean developed warehouse facilities in Maryland Heights and now washes and dries all of their own diapers, allowing them to conserve energy and the use of materials. This also allows Simply Clean Diaper to offer special services like “Deep Cleaning” service for those that wash their own diapers to give them a nice deep clean. The home delivery service is hoping to add jobs this year and is available in Missouri as far west as O’Fallon, as far north as Florissant, as far south as Oakville, and now as far east as many areas in Illinois.

About Simply Clean Diaper Service
Simply Clean Diaper Service is the St. Louis and Illinois cloth diaper service, delivering clean cloth diapers right to your door. Simply Clean strives to educate parents about the environmental, health, and cost advantages of cloth diapering. Simply Clean Diaper has been around over 20 years, and they continue to offer affordable service to St. Louis and parts of Illinois and education to parents with community partners. To learn more about Simply Clean Diaper Service, please visit or call 314-782-2476.

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