10 Reasons to love Simply Clean Diaper Service

It goes without saying that we are proud of our business but at Simply Clean Diaper, we also love and believe in what we are doing. We are driven to share the environmental and economical benefits of cloth diapering with our clients and our community. To help you get with the program, we offer the top 10 reasons for you to love Simply Clean Diaper, too!

  1. Energy conservation – We participate in the Ameren Energy Pure Power program allowing us to offset 150% of our electrical usage. As part of this program, we do not time our dryers so that they only dry the diapers for the time needed. Additionally, we use a high efficiency hot water heater to assist with water conservation and our machines use RinseSav technology from Milnor. We also sort our diapers based on soil level so that your diapers get just the right attention and cleaning they need.
  2. Affordability – We make cloth diapering affordable for families. Not only do we offer prepay options, we recently lowered prices on packages with over 100 diapers per week making it even more affordable to cloth diaper multiple kids at one time. We also just launched our unique Wraps for Life program which allows families to rent the wraps they need by age and stage, eliminating the need to overinvest in wraps.
  3. Ease of use – We keep it simple for you. Simply toss your soiled diapers in the Simply Clean provided pail and we collect them on a weekly basis. No need for the late-night diaper run or storing diapers in your basement or garage.
  4. Industry compliance – We maintain strict testing standards and are part of the Real Diaper Industry Association’s (RDIA) diaper service accreditation program. Diapers are tested daily for pH and absorbency and are sent to an independent lab for testing on a monthly basis. We also abide by the RDIA guidelines for segregation of clean and dirty diapers and our clean processing area and the dirty sorting area in our warehouse are divided. Even our delivery van is divided to ensure that clean diapers never are in the same area or come into contact with dirty diapers.
  5. Environmentally driven – We have kept over one million diapers from landfills in the past five and a half years. We only use cleansers that are phosphate, dye, and perfume free – which is better for the world and your family.
  6. Efficient routing – Our routes are based on location and each one is evaluated within that area to create the most efficient route.
  7. Community & Education – We offer free in-home consultations and work with other like-minded, green businesses to hold classes to help educate the public. We also believe in giving back to the community and provide diapering donations to various fundraisers and provide sponsorships for groups such as BOLD Films, Friends of Missouri Midwives, La Leche League, and the Humane Society of America.
  8. Great customer service – We pride ourselves on providing top notch customer service. We are committed to answering all emails within 24 hours, and most times, within the same business day. When you call you will always be speaking with Kathy, the owner. We also roll with the punches and strive to keep customers happy by making your last minute needs happen.
  9. Cloth diapering advocates – In addition to community workshops, we now offer a deep cleaning service for those that wash their own diapers. For a nominal fee, we will pick up your diapers and give them a deep professional clean, returning them right away. This service helps eliminate those funky odor problems or absorbent issues many home users experience.
  10. Vast network – Our Facebook community offers our clients a wide network of cloth diaper users. We also use Twitter and Facebook to answer a lot of questions from non-customers and assisting with cloth diapering issues from across the board.

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