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Wraps, Wipes, and Inserts



When it comes to the wraps that you’ll use with our service, there are three options.

1. Purchase wraps individually through our estore or by giving us a call.    We carry Thirsties Duo’s with velcro or snaps.  

2.  Join our Wraps for Life program.  For a low one time fee, you will always have 7 wraps on hand and never have to worry about buying more because when you outgrow your current size, we replace them with 7 more wraps at no additional costs.  Many people take advantage of this program.

Our experience here at Baby Care Diaper has shown us that the number of wraps you have on hand greatly increases your cloth diapering success. So in our effort to help more families become successful long term cloth diaper users, we offer an incredible program called Wraps for Life. Wraps for Life is a rental program, where you will receive 7 wraps in all sizes necessary for the cloth diapering life of your child. When your child outgrows the original 7 wraps, you simply turn them in and 7 more of the next size will show up on your doorstep. These wraps will be on loan to you and it will be your responsibility to wash them. If one wears out, just let us know and we will replace it right away. The wraps will be designated a certain color based on size. Sorry, we cannot offer substitutions of the colors. Considering that the wraps are $13.25 each, you are looking at over $275 worth of wraps in the cloth diapering lifetime of your child. Our program is a one time fee. The colors and wraps that we’ll use for this program will be:

  • Thirsties Newborn with velcro in White (4-9 lbs)
  • Thirsties Duo Size 1 Honeydew with snaps (6-18lbs)
  • Thirsties Duo Size 2 Meadow with snaps (18-40 lbs)

Replacement costs – If a wrap is lost, there will be a $10 replacement fee per wrap. The Wraps for Life program is only available for current diaper service customers. Baby Care Diaper Service reserves the right to end this program early on an individual basis if needed.

3.  Purchase your own wraps.  There are many online and local retailers that sell a variety of wraps.

No matter which way you choose to get your wraps, we recommend you having at least three to four wraps in each size.  The more wraps you have on hand, the more successful you’ll be with cloth diapering.  The diaper wrap does not need to be changed with each diaper change, only if it becomes soiled, but having more than 1 or 2 is very beneficial.

Please order your wraps two days before your delivery day. An invoice for the wraps will come with them on your next delivery day or via email.


In addition to renting diapers from Simply Clean, you can also rent wipes.  Our wipe service includes soft cotton wipes delivered with your diapers each week.

  • Wipes are terry cloth on one side, flannel on the other side.
  • Comes in sets of  40.
  • Do not need to be counted and put on clean diaper count tags.  Just throw them in the pail.
  • Can be used for big or small messes (terry for the bigger messes, flannel for the smaller messes)
  • One more easy way to make your diapering “greener”


We offer two different types of inserts for overnight doubling. For those with heavy wetters we suggest first try to double diaper at night.  Please watch our Night Time fold video on this page for more on double diapering. If your little one is still soaking the diapers after this second diaper, we suggest either our hemp inserts or organic cotton doublers. Our hemp inserts are super absorbant, but hemp is slow to absorb, so we recommend putting a prefold over the hemp insert.  .

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